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A Friend

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Doug is my hero, a part-time mentor and a card carrying friend. When I first met him, I was very suspicious of him wanting to help less fortunate people in need.  He has ministered prisoners, gang members and the homeless.  He is in constant contact with others and have not problem driving 100's of miles to sit and listen to person's concerns.  I watched him from afar but saw that he was consistent in meeting people that would need his help.  For that, I appreciate his friendship especially for teaching me to care about others, which is a special gift one can give to another. Doug is unique. We need more of his thoughtfulness in our modern "village." 

We have coffee every Thursday at 0730 hours. I have no regrets missing the sunrise, but for Doug, I'll make an exception. 

Just By Chance...

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I’ve been staring at this blank blog with avoiding concerns of being pointless. As I jotted notes, a recent client name Chance texted me with his testimonial. He made my first blog easy. 
I am going to tell you a story of how Clinton and Maralee made me into a better person by doing what they do best. I was on my normal delivery route when Clinton's address came up to my next stop. Normally, it would be a scan drop and go. I was wrong. Clinton greeted me at the door, and I assumed something caught his eye. He asked to take my photo. I refused. A few questions later, I saw samples of his work. Only after seeing what he did with others that I agreed. Now let me stop the story here to tell you that it wasn't that cut and dry.
I am a VERY self-conscious person since elementary school. I had anxiety attacks because of what people thought of me. I wore large baggy clothes to hide in, especially sweatshirts. I wore it so often people thought I was hiding some skin problem. That being said, Clinton talked me into doing a photo shoot, which is a big step for me.
Back to the story. I returned, but I had to bring a friend for moral support. I had a hard time shaking being nervous and self-conscious.
But let me tell you, it only took them 5 minutes to crack me. I couldn't stop smiling, and I never smile!! Normally, I hand-block cameras pointed at me, but this time it was different. They truly made me a better person by helping me overcome being self-conscious. Later that night, walked around town with friends feeling confident, attractive, and empowered. If you have trouble accepting yourself I would definitely advise doing a photo session. Say hi to Clinton and Maralee and tell them Chance sent you.  
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Thinking Out Loud

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Clinton and Maralee Photography is Central Oregon's foremost portrait and destination landscape studio. People inspire us through their reactions to seeing their images captured for the first time in their adult life. Equally satisfying is reminiscing travel stories that we have in common. We have seen western Europe and North America, but our focus is now to the east (welcoming all suggestions).  
Our clients come from many locales while seeking adventure and tranquility that the high desert of Central Oregon offers. We encourage folks to pause from their busy day and center on themselves to reboot their life's context. Reminding yourself that you are an original work; Opus One.  
Our photographic style is muted to feast the savory dishes of honey and salt/pepper tones.  Every client's story is captured in detail, less a thousand words. We take pride in maintaining that quality along with your satisfaction in mind.  
We may honor you by featuring you in our new blog section.  Sharing your story strengthens our bond as people.  There is no WE, without YOU.  

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